1-16-17,  Meeting Minutes

SVRGC Meeting Minutes for January 16 2017

The meeting was called to order.

Officers: Jeannie, Gary, Teri, Maggie. Absent officers were Secretary Karin,
Directors Roy and Roberta, Rock drawing Jim and Marilyn

Approval of minutes from last meeting were tabled until next general meeting February 20th

Reports of Officers:
Treasurer’s report: Motions to approve and was 2nd. - approved
-bills for the advertising for the show; 6 banners 50 posters came to $274.17.
-bill to pay the post office box
-a motion later in the meeting to approve all future bills for the show, i.e. advertising, expenses etc. -approved

No Federation report

Show Update:
Gary will take care of all advertising
Lunch for setup on Friday March 10th will be procured by Maggie -pizza
Jeannie will provide coffee
Jeannie brought up that a info packet be made up to give to the Mayor’s office this will go out to schools and possibly Libraries. A committee was
formed, Hoku, Jeannie and Teri

Hoku is going to ask Castroville Library to see if we can put up a display. Jeannie has already lined up Prunedale Library. Maggie was asked if
she would go to Salinas Steinbeck Library to see if we can use the display inside the door.

NOTE: Members were asked to loan some items for all the displays.

Members will wear green club shirts with name tags for the show. If a member does not have a shirt, or Name Tag please contact either Jeannie
Nelson or Teri Beck.

On February 19th Sunday, there will be a workshop for painting rocks and filling bags for the show. There will be a saw available if anyone
wants to finish their stone box.

There will be large rocks for display, if we can't get all 12 display cases

There will be a silent auction. Gary will contact Jimmy and John to see if they can do it again this year.

Gary told the club that Bob Braun donated his 24” Rock saw and lots of Jadite for the show.

We have 8 confirm display cases, Hoku said she would do one.

Jeannie asked Gary if he would do the hourly announcer, he said Yes.

Teri is going to call Ed Ferner to see if he would provide supplies to do simple chains and button rings for a demonstrations and he would be
compensated for it.

Gary is going to call Jeff Parker to see if he can do the snack bar *(As of this date Gary has confirm Jeff Parker for the snack bar.)

We have 6 confirm vendors two have yet to return their contacts back to Teri.

Jeannie has asked members to keep their eye out for pink calcite for
the Fluorescent display. She will check E_bay.

The Veteran’s hall was reserved from last show.

Will ask Carmel members to see if they can help
with show.

Dues are due:
Single $15.00 Family Group $25.00 If you haven’t paid please get in touch with Teri Beck.

Field trips:
Jade Festival was moved to May 5-7 2017, Mineral Mining Museum, Clear Creek, Benitoite Mine, Fossils at Nuevo State Park, Gold mining,
these are just a few for the coming year.
Beverly mentioned several places, Quartsite, Hollow Dome Jan 27-28 to
Feb Tucson show. Rhonda mentioned the New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum and Almaden Quicksilver County Park with hiking trails.

Gary showed pictures of the Christmas party and then showed pictures of trying to get the 24” saw from Bob Braun’s backyard.

A big shout out to Maggie McGuire on her Fantastic job with refreshments had a lot of variety.

A shoutout to Bob Braun and family for their generous donation…Thanks Bob.

Program for the February 20th general meeting:
-Karin Salomon showing her pics form New Zealand.

-Hoku will bring refreshments for next meeting

Submitted by J. Nelson