11-2-15,  Board Meeting Minutes

Officers: Jeannie, Gary, Teri, Karin, Maggie

Show business cards are here and ready to be passed out. Jeannie has designed posters. She also has reserved the Trundle Library display space for February and March 2016. She needs some specimens. We need signs. Many people find the show via signs. Teri is designing a show website.

Karin has USPO key. Teri placed bar order. 

November program will be wire wrap.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Will be December 21st, 5 pm at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 315 East Alvin Dr., Salinas. Gary will prepare a ham. Scalloped potatoes are coming. There are spaces for signup to bring a dish to share, either dessert or side dish - a casserole, a vegetable dish or a salad dish. Please bring your own silverware and plates as the church can’t supply them for us. Gift Exchange: If you would like to join in, please bring something of the value that you would like to receive. (This is the regular meeting date, the 3rd Monday)

Next meeting November 16 at the Church.

Submitted by Karin S.